Lund University Information Quality Research Group

Understanding Knowledge in Social Networks

Project Period: 2010-2013

Project Description

Projectleader: Erik J. Olsson

Increasingly, our (purported) knowledge derives from various social media. But how is knowledge created and disseminated in a social network? And how can we distinguish mere rumours from genuine information? This project focuses on our communication practices and the effects they have on our knowledge. A central question is how we can evaluate social practices with regard to knowledge and truth. Erik J. Olsson’s research within the project is currently conducted within his position as professor, whereas Staffan Angere is supported by RQ08. The project members hope to be able to finance the project through external funding in the near future.



Project Details

  • Client Faculty of Humanities / RQ8
  • Date 14 May, 2013
  • Tags Erik J. Olsson, Staffan Angere
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