Lund University Information Quality Research Group

Objective Degrees of Belief

Project Period: 2011-14

Project Description

Projectleader: George Masterton

The main goal of this project is to secure the objectivity of reducible physical probabilities (AKA chances) to enable their analysis in terms of objective degrees of belief. To accomplish this the reference class problem must be solved. To this end a novel, process reliabilist account of justified partial belief shall be developed. The reference class problem will thereby be transformed into the problem of identifying the most reliable process.  This problem is none other than the generality problem which Olsson and Jönsson at Lund University have investigated in the context of process reliabilist theories of knowledge. This project shall examine the costs and benefits of their approach, and will seek to apply their solution in the context of the newly developed process reliabilist account of justified partial belief.

Though attempts in the evidentialist vein, such as relativisation to the sum total of scientific knowledge at the time in question, they are recognised as leaving much to be desired. The hope of this project is that a reliabilist approach might succeed where the evidentialism has failed.

Project Details

  • Client Swedish Research Council
  • Date 14 May, 2013
  • Tags George Masterton
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