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Collective Competence in Deliberative Groups

Project Description

Suppose a decision-making body (jury, committee etc) is to deliberate on some issue, e.g. whether the accused in a trial is guilty. This is a fundamental democratic procedure that takes place every day. But how reliable is such a body? And what factors determine its reliability? This project studies the epistemology of voting after deliberation and contrasts it with independent voting.

The project contains two preparatory theoretical studies where we study the relationship between 1) group size and competence and 2) communication structure and competence. The starting point will be a theoretical discussion model which was developed by Staffan Angere and Erik J. Olsson in earlier work (Laputa).

Staffan Angere and George Masterton are working on developments and applicaitons of the Laputa model of group delibreration. Jens Ulrik Hansen is working on alternative formal approaches to deliberation.

Project Details

  • Date 9 June, 2013
  • Tags Erik J. Olsson
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