Round table discussion on future information search

On December 15 researchers from the KDW project at the University of Lund will meet representatives from the industry to discuss how information will be searched in the future.

– What do we know about how people look for information?
– What does the future’s information searching processes look like?
– Which skills and what type of knowledge will be needed in future information search?

The researchers within the KDW project (Knowledge in a Digital World) address issues that bear directly on how information is searched, used, communicated and assessed on the web. As part of this project KDW, in cooperation with LU Innovation Systems, arranges a round table discussion. Short presentations from both researchers and the industry representatives will be followed by a dialogue about future information searching.

Invited experts are: Martin Rugfelt from Expertmaker, Mike Andersson from Factlab, Rolf Widerström from Topvisible

Time: 15 december, kl. 12-16 (including lunch)
Place: Hypoteket, Kyrkogatan 13, Lund

Program as pdf

Registration: As there is a limited number of seats (25), please contact Ylva von Gerber for further information!

For more information about the KDW project:
Funded by Vetenskaprådet
This round table discussion is sponsored by LU Innovation System