Rasmus K. Rendsvig interviewed about group decision making

An article in Videnskab.dk refers to a new study about group dynamics that indicates that the least competent person in a group thinks she is as competent as the most competent one. This results in that the least competent person(s) having too much influence when decisions are being made. The result of the study is culture independent.

Videnskab.dk has interviewed Rasmus K. Rendsvig, Ph D student within the KDW project at the Department of Philosophy, University of Lund, who expresses excitement about the results: ‘… it’s pretty surprising’ and ‘thought-provoking’, but that we’d better not make generalisations based on this study as there were no actual consequences involved for the test persons in the lab. The social factors in the ‘real world’ might be part of the explanation as we might bump into oneanother in the future and the social interaction could benefit from us all seeing each other as equal rather than as we in fact are.